From the Pastor’s Desk

I was blessed to grow up in a Christian family that attended church every week.  I have spent my entire life learning about God, and over the years the incredible nature of God and who He is has washed over me again and again!  I feel like every day I am reminded of His power and majesty.  The difficult thing, for me, is to balance that out with the close, intimate relationship that this astonishing God desires to have with me!  How could someone so incredible and above me wish to spend time with me and know me thoroughly?

Jesus called God, Abba, on more than one occasion.  Abba is an interesting term.  It is probably best translated as “daddy,” which seems almost ridiculous when you think about referring to the almighty creator in such a way.  However, it was also a term that children used in respect to their fathers.  It balanced out the close, caring relationship with the obedient humility that we are to have with God as we are with our earthly fathers.

As someone who grew up in a loving, Christian family I have an advantage over many as to understanding this relationship with God.  I have experienced this balance of close love beside great respect that is meant here.  However, those who grew up without that type of relationship in their lives have the blessing of seeing that amazing relationship come to fruition for the first time with the King of kings and Lord of Lords!

This Christmas season, as we celebrate Christ’s birth, let’s remember to praise God for sending His Son, “God with Us,” down to earth to make the first step forward in this amazing relationship.

Romans 8:15



Not Just a Face in the Crowd

Larry Davis

Larry started going to Myrtle Point First Christian with his family when he was young. He has happy memories of friends, Ron Ellis and Steve Moon, who were not only in his grade, but in band and attended church with him; he also had good times at Little River Christian Camp. In the process of moving from Myrtle Point, joining the service, and starting jobs, he grew away from the church. However, when he and Lisa adopted Justus, he wanted to provide him with the opportunity to grow up in the church as he had. So, when Justus was four, Larry found himself walking down the long porch entry to Newport Christian. That was eighteen years ago.

Larry laughs, noting that his motivation in coming to church was to benefit Justus, but in fact, he has received great blessings. It reminds him of his “jumper cables”. He’d decided he wanted to do something to help people, so he started carrying jumper cables in his car to help people who needed to have their car jumped. He would ask people in parking lots who had their heads under their car hoods if they needed his help, but no one ever did. After a backpacking trip with the Boy Scouts, he found the battery in his own pick-up was dead, and he was the one who needed his battery jumped! Fortunately, he had the jumper cables.

Larry continues to want to help others. He is willing to do whatever needs doing to support the children’s programs; he loves being a part of Newport Christian and wants to encourage us all to be willing to help where needed and make a difference in our world.