COVID-19 Updates

Update 5.24.20

Our ONLINE ONLY service on video is available here starting at 10:45AM on 5.24.20. We are still not currently open for in-building services.

Update 5.17.20

Our ONLINE ONLY service on video is available here starting at 10:45AM on 5.17.20.

Update 5.15.20

Phase one of loosening restrictions on the stay-at-home order began today here in Lincoln County. This is a short video to explain what that means for Newport Christian.

Update 5.10.20

Our ONLINE ONLY service on video is available here starting at 10:45AM on 5.10.20.

Update 5.3.20

Our ONLINE ONLY service on video is available here starting at 10:45AM on 5.3.20.

Update 4.26.20

Our ONLINE ONLY service on video is available here starting at 10:45AM on 4.26.20.

Update 4.19.20

Our ONLINE ONLY service on video is available here starting at 10:45AM on 4.19.20.

Easter Update 4.12.20

Our ONLINE ONLY Easter service is available here premiering at 10:45AM on 4.12.20! Thank you for joining us in worshiping the risen Christ!

Update 4.10.20

Our ONLINE ONLY Good Friday service on video is available here starting 4.10.20 at 4PM. Join us in remembering Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

Update 4.5.20

Our ONLINE ONLY service on video is available here premiering at 10:45AM on 4.5.20. If you prefer audio only, that can be found here.

Update 3.29.20

Our ONLINE ONLY service on video is available here premiering at 10:45AM on 3.29.20. If you prefer audio only, that can be found here.

Update 3.24.20

Yesterday, Governor Kate Brown initiated an executive order for people to stay home as much as possible and only go out for necessary purposes in order to try and limit the spread of COVID-19. Here our response from Newport Christian:

YouTube video link

If you can’t get the video to work, or prefer to read rather than watch, here is the information that was in it:
-We are continuing to suspend service at this time.
-We are also, starting now, suspending Life Groups (unless they want to find a way to meet online or over conference call).
-We are also suspending our Church In A Bag program, but will send out the announcements, Bible study pages and miscellaneous information vie email and on Facebook (prayer lists will go out ONLY through email for privacy).
-We are still encouraging people to reach out to one another and check in on those who might need be feeling more than a little isolated.
-If you are having technical issues with the service or any other videos, please reach out so I can try to help you!
If you know someone who isn’t connected via email or Facebook, please help them get connected! They can follow our Facebook page, or send me their email address and I will add it to the contact list.

Update 3.22.20

Our ONLINE ONLY service on video is available here premiering at 10:45AM on 3.22.20. If you prefer audio only, that can be found here.

Update 3.19.20

We will be handing out our CHURCH IN A BAG kits this Friday from 3:30-5:30pm and Saturday from 9-11am at our pickup station in the church parking lot.

Our ONLINE ONLY Service will be available at our regular service time of 10:45am on Sunday.

Update 3.17.20

In light of recent developments by our government to help fight the coronavirus outbreak we have had to make some decisions about the next four weeks. Please click the link below to watch the video or read the video transcript posted underneath that.

YouTube video link

In case you can’t watch the link or prefer text:

Greetings Newport Christian, this is Reed – your pastor.

Today I wanted to reach out in light of Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s announcement yesterday that due to the coronavirus groups over 25 people are currently banned from gathering. That ban goes into effect today, and will last for at least four weeks.

Because of that announcement, Newport Christian is submitting to the governmental authority that has been put in place by God and will be pausing our Sunday services for the next four weekends in order to do our part to help limit the spread of this virus.

I want to start out on a personal note that I am very sad about this news. While I understand the reasons behind the decision and want Newport Christian to do its part to help fight this epidemic, I hate that it means we will not be gathering together every Sunday morning. I love Sunday morning church time, and not because I’m a pastor. I love worshiping and learning and sharing communion and simply being together every week. I’m also sad, because God moves in powerful ways on Sundays. Baseball great Joe DiMaggio was once asked why he played so hard. His response was “Because there might have been somebody in the stands today who’d never seen me play before, and might never see me again.” Every Sunday is a chance for people to learn about Jesus, and without that time we need to be working even harder individually to make those opportunities elsewhere!

I have talked with all the elders, and although this situation is continuing to be fluid, as of right now here is the plan for Newport Christian:

-We will not be meeting on Sunday mornings for worship service or Sunday school.

-We will be putting together videos for each Sunday that will include some songs led by Audrey and part of the worship team, a message from me, a communion devotion and announcements. That message will be sent out Sunday morning via email to the church membership list, posted on our Facebook page on Sunday morning, and posted on our website in audio form in time for Sunday morning. I will personally be on Facebook at our normal worship time of 10:45AM, and the video will have a place to comment on live as we watch. I would like to invite everyone to join me. We will also be burning a few DVDs for anyone who can’t stream the videos. You can call the church to schedule a time to pick those up.

-Our various Life Groups are each handling this situation in the way they are being led. Some are pausing their meetings, while others will be continuing to gather. Please speak to the group leader to find out that group’s schedule.

-We will be working to reach out to our members and keep that personal connection. I will be sending out videos and emails a couple times each week to try and provide encouragement in this time (so get used to hearing from me a lot…haha!). I will also be trying to reach out to individuals and making sure no one feels too isolated.

-This ban also includes April 12, which is Easter. We will be having a special Sunday video for that day, but we will also be looking ahead to a future Sunday when we can gather and have our special celebration of Christ’s resurrection together!

-As of right now we are uncertain how this will affect our neighborhood blitz event. The event will happen, but we are unsure if it will still happen on May 17. No matter what, we will find a Sunday to be able to serve some local foster families.

We are asking you as church members to be diligent at this time, and to be a part of this effort. Don’t just sit back, but make every effort to reach out to your church family.

-Do your part in connecting with fellow church members. If you feel comfortable meeting together at homes, do that. If you don’t, make phone calls or video chat with people. Email is convenient, but doesn’t have the same personal connection as a face or a voice. Please be aware of those who might not be as connected and even reach out to those outside your circle of friends.

-Please continue to work to grow your relationship with the Lord. Use the videos we send out, look for other videos from other churches, read your Bible, and make time for daily prayer. For smartphone owners, the YouVersion Bible app has vast numbers of free Bible studies that are available for you. For those with children they also have a kids app that is excellent for children of all ages. When you watch the Sunday videos, consider inviting someone over to join you.

-Please still be faithful in praying for our church. Lift up our members’ health, their job and financial situations, their ability to have peace right now and their boldness to still be Christ’s light in the world.

-Please consider still giving your offering to the church. We understand it might be a scary and difficult financial time, but this is another opportunity to show trust in the Lord. Although the church will not be having Sunday services we still have a commitment to missionaries overseas, still have staff salaries to take care of and still have ministry and building responsibilities that must be covered. We have online giving options, or you can stop by the church or mail in your offering, as well.

This is uncharted territory, and we are doing our best to try and figure out how we can minister to each one of you the best that we can. If you need something, please reach out. I am also more than happy to give some counseling either over the phone or in person if you are struggling. If you call the church I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
Please, join me in prayer for our world, our leaders, those who are sick and those who are living in fear. Pray also for God’s work right now. Pray that people would turn to Him and this would be a time of waves of people turning to God in the midst of tragedy.

Thank you, and God bless! Love you all!