From the Pastor’s Desk

I am a sucker for a good story.  I love books and movies and really stories of any kind.  I enjoy reading stories about historical figures or people who have overcome challenges in their life.  I just appreciate a good tale, whether it is true or fiction.

My favorite story is about a Father who watches His own beloved creation turn on Him and reject Him.  He continually shows love every step of the way even to the point of allowing His own Son to be killed in order to rescue that creation from it’s own foolishness and disobedience.  Of course, that story is the true story of God our Creator!

I have had times in my life where, sadly, I have been in places where people taught the Bible and made it sound boring!  The Bible is an incredible story of powerful love, incredible sacrifice, mind-blowing miracles and incredible wisdom!  If you have never read your Bible, check out the book that has enduring truth that never gets stale!  An amazing thing, too, is that when we live the Christian life and share God with others we are actually joining in as part of God’s incredible story.  We get to be participants in His work!

2 Timothy 3:16-17

Philippians 3:7-14

Reed Adams, Lead Pastor



Maxine Demory

Maxine Demory grew up on a farm in Iowa, the oldest of two sisters, and a brother who was born when she was seventeen.  During a summer break while attending McPherson College in Kansas, she came to Oregon to work at a  pea factory in Milton Freewater, where it happened that a young man, Darrell Demory, who would become her husband, was also working.

After graduating college, Maxine taught Jr. High in Kansas, Maxine and Darrell were married, and daughter Pam was born.  The Demorys moved back to Oregon, working in the cannery again for the summer, then went to Corvallis where Darrell finished college at Oregon State.

Following his graduation, he got a job in Astoria with Oregon Fish and Wildlife; in 1970 his job transferred to Newport, and the family (now including son Mark)  moved here and became members of Newport Christian Church.

Maxine grew up going to Sunday school at Church of the Brethren, and was baptized at age twelve; she says, “I felt the Holy Spirit, and decided to dedicate my life to being a Christian and following the teachings of Jesus Christ.”  Maxine has always felt that this is her Christian family, and most particularly when Darrell’s heath began to deteriorate in the last couple of years before his passing when she felt the strong support of Christian friends.