From the Pastor’s Desk

December is the month of Christmas! This is the month where, more than any other month, we remember Jesus’ birth. When you really think about the story, it is not surprising that so many people don’t believe it. God, the Creator of the universe, was about to choose any parents for His Son, and could decide any place for Him to be born, and could make any choice of who to share that joyous moment with.

With the ability to select any details He wanted, God chose for Jesus to be born to poor parents, to have animals as the witnesses and for the baby to have a manger as a crib. He had His heavenly Messengers share the news of the exciting birth with shepherds in the field. Only humble and pure love could motivate such a powerful God to choose such a humble birth for His Son, the chosen Savior.

Luke 2:1-20

Reed Adams, Lead Pastor

Jeff Darrow

“Get a haircut!” “Tuck that shirt in!” These were the words that Jeff heard from his dad, while growing up, because his dad was in the Air Force. Due to his dad’s career, Jeff and his family moved around a lot: New Mexico, Texas, Massachusetts, Michigan, and California. It was difficult for him to make friends. His dad wasn’t around much, but his mom was always there.

Jeff is the middle child of Larry, his older brother, and Trish, his younger sister. His brother and his family live in Las Vegas. Larry is soon to retire, plans to purchase a motor home and travel the U.S. with his wife and his Harley. Jeff’s sister and her husband are content to stay at home in Reno. Jeff’s parents have both passed away.

Jeff found a Father in Jesus. At a low point in his life, Jeff read a book, POWER, which explained what the Bible teaches and how to become a Christian. He then accepted Jesus into his heart and life.

In 2015, during a visit to Oregon to see his grandson and great grandchildren, JJ (grandson) suggested a move from the Bay Area to Oregon, where Jeff and Estelle could afford to retire. From JJ’s suggestion to a year of prayer, Jeff and Estelle retired from forty years of teaching to move to Newport. Most of those years were spent teaching science and physical education in middle school.

Some of Jeff’s greatest joys in life are: pestering “Estellie,” cuddling with his cat Snuggles, doing crossword and jigsaw puzzles, trying to make others laugh, and living a good life, thanks to God.

Jeff’s advice to his five grandchildren and two great grandchildren is to take care of your body, read your Bible, and follow the light of Jesus.