From the Pastor’s Desk

Have you ever wondered why God created you the way you are and placed you in the location He placed you in?  Throughout my life, I have occasionally paused to consider why my life is the way it is.  Why did God choose to put me in my family, and why did He decide on the United States as my place of birth?  Why did He make me the height, skin color and eye color I am?  What was His thought process in giving me the skills I have and the flaws I carry?  I could complain about many things in life, but the truth is that I have a great deal more blessings than negatives.  All of those times of questions have not really given me much of an answer as to why I am who I am, but they have helped me think about how many different details there are in the world that God is working on to bring about His purposes.  He is continually at work in everyone’s life doing a multitude of things to bring about His glory. 

            Romans 8:28 says: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”  When I read that during times of frustration or disappointment, or when I look at that verse while considering my many flaws and shortcomings, it is easy to feel like that isn’t a true statement.  If God is working for my good, (I do love Him), then why is my life not perfect?  The secret, though, is that word “good.”  The verse doesn’t say God works for our happiness or our comfort, but for our good.  And what is good?  “Good” is that which helps us grow spiritually, deepens our relationship with Him, and works toward our eternal future.  God doesn’t care as much about the worldly things as the spiritual. 

            My children don’t understand why I won’t let them eat nothing but cake, or stay up until midnight; why I make them do schoolwork and won’t let them live without rules.  The reason I don’t let them have a “more fun” life, (at least in their eyes), is because I can see the big picture and desire them to be healthy, learn for the future and grow up knowing how to behave.  The reason our lives don’t always go exactly the way we think they should is because God sees a much bigger picture than we do and knows how our lives fit into His plan.  We may not know why God does what He does in our lives, but at least we can know that He is working for our ultimate good if we love Him!

Reed Adams, Lead Pastor



Lurlyn Patrick

Because Brookings had no hospital, Lurlyn Patrick was born in Crescent City. Lurlyn’s Mother came from Norway in 1924, and Lurlyn has two brothers and three sisters (hers is the only Norwegian name).

Their father died when Lurlyn was nine, and the family moved many times through her school years. Her mother persisted in taking the family to church, and when Lurlyn was 15 or 16, she accepted Christ as her Savior.

After leaving home, she was in an unhealthy relationship, but notes with love, that it gave her a beautiful daughter. When she moved to Albany, she began going to church again. She came to Newport in 1982, with little resources, but people worked with her and she found a home and enrolled her daughter in preschool at… Newport Christian!

She also actually met her future husband in May 1982, but didn’t talk to him until February 1983. (There must be another story here…)! They have now been married 26 years, and Jim likes to joke that he met her in the Corrections Division (her place of employment at that time).

Five or six years ago, Patti Arnsdorf asked her to go to church. Lurlyn says she felt a sense of family and that she was home when she walked back in the doors of Newport Christian. Lurlyn enjoys women’s Bible studies, and most recently has taken over as the head of the Publicity Committee and the task of doing the introduction and closing of Reed’s broadcast messages that air on Winds of Praise radio station at KWPB-LP 98.7 FM on Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. She notes that marketing is not her cup of tea–she would not choose to purposely be in front of people, but she can enjoy doing this because she is all alone in the recording studio, can laugh at herself if she fumbles, then erase it and do it again! Lurlyn’s hope for Newport Christian is that we grow slowly but steadily, and be able to fully welcome people into our church family.