From the Pastor’s Desk

Think about the night that Jesus was betrayed, for a second.  On that night, Jesus celebrated with His Apostles the most important day during the biggest holiday week of the Jews’ entire year.  At that meal, he had a conversation with Judas, revealing that He knew what was coming.  He also had an emotional conversation with Peter about how He would deny Jesus three times.  Jesus also gave an ultimate example of servanthood by kneeling and doing the job of the lowliest servant and washing His followers’ feet.  Finally, He instituted communion and the idea of having that special meal to remember, thank and fellowship with Him.  That would seem like a busy night, anyway, but then add onto it the burden that Jesus knew His arrest, trial and painful death were less than twenty-four hours away. 

            When I have a stressful event coming up in my life, I tend to pull away from people a little.  My mind is racing and planning for what I will be doing, so I either pour all of my energy into preparing for it, or into something that will completely push my mind in another direction.  Jesus, however, did neither.  Right before the most difficult and stressful time of His life He was showing kindness, teaching, and preparing His Apostles for what came next.  It is easy to get caught up in life when things are crazy and to forget about those around you.  Our Savior, though, in the most trying time of life was still caring for others.  It is a great challenge to us that we make sure we are always being selfless even in our hardest times, and it is also a great reminder of Jesus’ overwhelming love and sacrifice in all things.

Matthew 26:17-35; Mark 14:12-31; Luke 22:14-34; John 13:1-38

Reed Adams, Lead Pastor


Dean Young

Dean Young is truly a blessing to us here at Newport Christian Church! At the age of nine, he moved to the Portland area with his family. They relocated here from the Bay Area. He attended school in the David Douglas District, in the east county. Both of Dean’s parents worked outside of the home. However, his Christian grandmother (dad’s mother) lived with them. His uncle (dad’s brother) was a lay minister. Even greater, he was the man who had the most influence on Dean coming to know Jesus Christ. Dean attended First Baptist Church in Portland, where he was baptized at the age of ten.

Fast forward to Dean and Marilyn’s retirement, in 2003. That’s when they moved here to Newport and were searching for a church…one that was just the right fit. They attended several churches. God made it clear to them that Newport Christian Church was to be their home. Every time Dean spoke to Marilyn about what he’d like to see there, those things were present on their next visit. Dean’s greatest joys are knowing God/Jesus, his life with Marilyn, and their children and grandchildren. He totally appreciates the wonderful world that God has given us. Dean’s words of wisdom to us are, “Forsaking all, trust Him.” Thank you, Dean, for all that you give, how much you love and share our Lord.

finding true love with Karen, enjoying the birth of their three sons, and now, the recent birth of their first grandchild. What is Rod’s greatest piece of wisdom to share with us? That God made salvation through Jesus Christ easy. Only man made it appear difficult. Welcome to the family, Rod! You are truly a blessing.