John Tucker

                 John Tucker’s earliest memories are from growing up in Asheville, North Carolina, even though he was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He recalls all of the natural beauty of the area in which he was raised: blackberry bushes, blue mountains, green hills, and the smell of pine needles most of the year. In addition, he remembers a diverse population of good salt-of-the earth people. Even though they had little education, they were well-mannered and respectful. Living in Oregon reminds John of these fond memories.

                  John’s parents have a diverse religious background. His mother was raised Catholic and later became Baptist. His father was Lutheran and Methodist. In spite of this, John’s dad only identified as a “Navy man.” John’s family moved around quite a bit as he was growing up. They attended whatever church was nearest to where they were living at the time. Different churches had different views on Baptism. John’s mom wanted to err on the side of caution, so John was baptized as an infant and then again later during elementary school years. At the age of ten, John understood the gospel. The pastor of his church asked him if he believed that Jesus Christ died for his sins. That’s when it all connected for John. After receiving Jesus into his heart, John was able to sit with the adults during Sunday service.

                  Gloria, John’s sister, brought John to Newport Christian. He likes it here! He feels welcomed and safe. He is enjoying getting to know the members of our church family.

                  Many various joys fill John’s heart. He loves hanging out and cooking with his family and friends. He likes playing board games and learning new skills. This area is great for John to enjoy hiking, exploring the forest, and walking along the beach. In addition, he enjoys books, movies, video games, music, arts and crafts, and learning about other cultures. Learning about Jesus and the Christian faith makes his life richer and worth living!

                  John would like to share with us things that he knows are true. God will never desert us. He is with us…always! God will still be here, even when everything else has long passed. The Lord is our source of truth and strength. Jesus not only loves us, He wants us to love each other. John shows us his subtle sense of humor as he shares some good ole’ advice with us: treat others as you want to be treated; work and pay your taxes; be kind to children and animals; vote; call your parents; and every once in a while, go for a walk!

We love you, John!