From the Pastor’s Desk

I am always interested in movie and video portrayals of Jesus.  I don’t care so much about the appearance, but rather the way that His personality is shown.  Usually, when He is represented He is seen to be serious, very soft-spoken and usually quite caring.  However, on some occasions He is also seen as very emotionless and somewhat boring.

        When I look at my Bible, though, I see some different sides to Jesus.  I do believe He was quite caring (He did come to save people from their sins by dying in their place), had times He was soft-spoken, and it is obvious He was serious a lot.  I also, however, see a man who drew crowds by the thousands to listen to Him speak (Matt. 14:13-14), and who commanded demons (Mark 5:6-13) and weather (Mark 4:35-41) to obey Him.  That doesn’t seem like an emotionless or boring man in the least! 

Another thing I see in the Bible where Christians on numerous occasions are told to “praise the Lord,” “rejoice” and “give thanks!”  Those expressions are all about celebrating and having joy in our lives because of God!  I don’t believe Christians would be given commands that Jesus didn’t live out, so I also think Jesus was probably one of the happiest people who ever lived!

         As a Christian, these are powerful reminders and examples that we shouldn’t be dour or grumpy, but that we – more than anyone else on the planet – have reason to celebrate and be joyful!  We have hope in eternity and what could be more uplifting than that?  Besides, being joyful is a great way to attract people and let them know about the Savior who gave us that joy!   

 1 Peter 1:8-9
Reed Adams, Lead Pastor

Kate Heisler

Coming to Newport, Oregon changed Kate’s life. It has given her the experience of reaching out to make friends on her own. We are all blessed by Kate’s warm heart and loving personality. She always pitches in to help here at Newport Christian, wherever she is needed. Living here has also given her a new experience of living in a single family home in one place. Since her dad was in the Air Force, Kate was used to living in a duplex and moving quite a bit. In her earlier years, Kate lived in: Virginia (where she was born), Texas, Missouri, and New Mexico.

Katie has an older brother and two younger sisters. She enjoys the responsibility of being the oldest sister. Her brother Brian helped “toughen” her up. He pretended to be the general in the “Jasmine Army,” named after her favorite character. Brian helped Kate build up her strength by doing push ups, as a member of that army. That toughness came in handy moving to a more isolated area, where Kate worked on feeling safe and secure.

Kate grew up in a Christian home. She remembers talking with her parents about her faith in Jesus and being baptized (in Missouri) at the age of seven. She recalls growing a little away from the Lord, but going to camp brought her back.

Most of Kate’s friends are in a Christian environment and are homeschooled, like she is. That gives her comfort as a teen who believes in Jesus. Kate’s wisdom is good advice for us: trust God to keep us safe, stay with your family, and trust each family member to know what to do when needed. Kate is a thoughtful and very creative young woman. She writes, sews, and gives to many in her community. We are all a lot richer for knowing Kate!