From the Pastor’s Desk

In John 14:6 Jesus said: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”  Often people look at that statement and think that God must be pretty egotistical to make it so that our only way to get to Him was His Son.  Why wouldn’t He give us several different ways to get back to a good relationship with Him?  Why is it that only Christians can get to heaven and not all of the other people who are dedicated to the many other world religions?

The problem with that way of thinking is that it assumes it is possible for there to be another way to be saved.  One way we might not need Jesus’ salvation is to be free from sin, but Romans 3:23 reminds us that such a thing isn’t possible (if we can’t just look around us and realize that on our own).  That leaves us needing someone to save us from our own sinfulness.

The Jews had sacrificed animals for years in order to temporarily cover their sins, because the wages of sin is death, but only perfect human blood could really cover human sin.  Jesus chose to come to earth to be that perfect sacrifice, and he was not only the only one willing, but the only one able to make such a choice.  Because of what He has done, we can have eternal life!

Romans 6:23

Reed Adams, Lead Pastor


Murray Tilson

At the age of thirty-five, in Molalla Baptist Church in Woodburn, Murray accepted an alter call and accepted Jesus into his heart. Murray Tilson’s journey began years before this in Ontario, Canada. At the age of seven, Murray’s dad died. In order to keep her son with her (and not lose him to the authorities) Murray’s mom moved them to British Columbia, where she was able to find work with the Canadian Pacific Railway. During that time, Murray lived in New Westminster, BC with his aunt. When he was fourteen, he re-joined his mother in Portland, He now has dual citizenship.

The next part of his journey led Murray to his wife, Nancy. He was a cartographic draftsman in the Air Force, met her at Portland State, and graduated in Chemical Engineering from OSU. The newlyweds moved to Detroit, Michigan. It was there that Nancy got her degree in Physical Therapy and he earned his Masters in Civil Engineering. That led Murray to a direct commission as a Civil Engineer Core Naval Officer for the next sixteen years, conducting drills across the country.

Murray and Nancy raised their family in the Portland area (Happy Valley). Murray was Head Usher at Abundant Life Church, coordinating offerings and communion for 2000 people in three services. At the same time, he was flying all around the country doing Oracle implementations.

Family vacations were often spent here in Newport. Their love for this area led Murray to retire here. After doing a bit of church “shopping,” Murray and Nancy became part of our Newport Christian Church family!

Murray is a firm believer in growing the Kingdom of our Lord. He uses the gifts that God has given him to reach out to others, wherever he is. Murray shares many hours each week tutoring students from Lincoln County in several locations. Wherever he is sharing his gifts with others, Murray feels blessed. WE are truly blessed by Murray Tilson!