From the Pastor’s Desk

I love that this year Easter Sunday falls on April Fool’s Day! I feel like that alignment of days is such a great reminder of how Jesus surprised the entire world two thousand years ago! The religious leaders thought they had put an end to Jesus’ ministry and that His followers would fade away soon after. When Jesus was arrested, the Apostles fled and even Peter denied knowing Jesus three times. Jesus took that evil plan, however, and flipped it upside down! Jesus dying on the cross wasn’t really the plan of the Sanhedrin, but a plan that God Himself had put into place. Jesus miraculously overcame death, rose from the grave and then after going to heaven sent the Holy Spirit to guide His followers.

This God plan was the best April Fool’s Day prank ever! Suddenly, Jesus’ disciples were filled with boldness to preach in His name! Suddenly, instead of one man preaching, there were thousands of people talking about the gospel! The plan to silence Jesus backfired in the biggest way, and the religious leaders were more in danger of losing their power than ever! Jesus’ April Fool’s Day prank wasn’t some silly trick to get a laugh, but was a powerful miracle that changed hope for eternity! His resurrection confirmed the overcoming power of God and His mercy through grace.

Matthew 28:1-10

Reed Adams, Lead Pastor



Jacqueline Dino

Jacqueline Dino is the friendly face and voice you hear when you call or come into the church during the week. While that may seem like normal stuff, how she got here is an interesting story!

She was born in the Philippines and attended one Catholic school from

Preparatory (kindergarten…) through College, the College of the Holy Spirit, which was run by German nuns. After a terrible car accident, while she was in college and subsequent three plastic surgeries on her face, she came for a vacation in America. Here, the story gets funny. She went on a blind date, met Greg, and did not go home. She and Greg were married, and lived in California while they raised their son and daughter. Jacqueline relates that her life turned around when she got uterine cancer. She started looking at every aspect of her life, asking “What is really important?”

Her desire was to be closer to God. She went home to the Philippines for alternative medicine, (she still uses Soursop, which is a fruit that can be made into tablet, drink, or tea form), and while there became involved with a church called Words of Life Christian Ministries, attending Bible study every Tuesday evening. She and Greg were baptized, and when they returned to the States, she knew that she wanted to leave California and move north. After finding a house they loved in Waldport, it was time to find a church.

Jacqueline enjoys fellowship as a member of our church and happily serves as a secretary here at Newport Christian. She also works two other jobs, which she is reluctant to leave because they afford her the opportunity to build relationships, spread fellowship, and talk about the Bible! Two questions that she asks herself as she moves through each day are, “How to do it the Christian way,” and “What would a Christian do?”