From the Pastor’s Desk

When I was in High School, my church youth group performed a musical called “Bow Down” that was a light-hearted take on the Old Testament story of Esther.  I played the king who took Esther for his wife, and who was the one that put the laws in place that both threatened and saved the Jews.  It is a fascinating story of a woman who was ripped from the life she knew, became queen and ultimately rescued her people because of her willingness to face the king even under the possibility of death. 

            In the story, Esther’s cousin, Mordecai, convinced her that she should go see the king to save her people despite the risk.  He reminded her that not only might God have placed her in the role of queen for this exact task, but that God’s people would surely be saved with or without her help and that she and her family would die whether she chose to act or not. (Esther 4:14).

             This story, and especially that verse, reminds me of how God works to put us in places throughout our life where we can serve Him.  There may be risk involved, but if we really think about it, in the long term the risk is greater to not obey God’s plan!  What God wants will come to fruition with or without our involvement, but as we go through life and see things that we can do for God’s kingdom, I think it is appropriate for us to say to ourselves: “who knows but that you have come to your…position for such a time as this?”.

Reed Adams, Lead Pastor


Ellen Bryan

Ellen Bryan hails from New Jersey. Her early-year moments are highlighted by memories of spending summer in the Pocono Mountains and swimming and fishing in the Delaware River. Her father came to America from Switzerland, via Ellis Island, when he was a young child. Because her mother came from a large family, Ellen has many aunts, uncles, and cousins. Her home was a Christian one, with her family being active in the church, which is where Ellen spent most of her childhood and teen years. It was during her teen years that Ellen was saved and baptized. After graduating from a large high school, Ellen completed nursing school.

Jeff and Ellen had been searching for a church home in the Newport area, when the Dino family invited them to Newport Christian. They are now part of our family here. Ellen’s joys are her husband, Jeff, her daughter, Meegan, and treasured friends. She loves music, art, reading, and (most importantly) serving Jesus!

Ellen reminds us to take time to enjoy friends and family, because time passes quickly. Changes in our lives can lead us to losing touch with those we love. Ellen is working on leaning on Jesus more and more. As Ellen remind us, “He is faithful.”